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Testimony of Rev., Dr. Gloria Word by God’s Grace

It is with a grateful heart I am blessed with the opportunity to be alive to tell you of the grace and mercy of our kind, gentle, loving God. I am just happy for another moment in time to say what God did through the BLOOD OF JESUS, the CHRIST, SON OF THE LIVING GOD for me, a child of the King of kings.

This is a tiny piece of my story. At the time of celebration of having our 23 year old prayer answered we received the news of the biopsy and it wasn’t good. God had just moved us to our home in another city just before my birthday in 2009. It was the week before Thanksgiving and the Doctor declared 4th stage lymphoma cancer. Originally our beloved Pastor Brown sent the first 17 pages of Scriptures to me in the mail when I began the journey. But it was my second stay in the hospital that brought about change. I told my husband (who spent the night every night sleeping in two chairs) to take my reading Bible home and bring my study Bible and the Scriptures that the pastor had sent in the mail.

During the second stay I had 2 blood transfusions. My Doctor walked the room one day and the look on her face scared me. I didn’t have the strength to bath or eat or anything. That day when I went to the bathroom I looked into the mirror and the sparkle, the light had left my eyes. The “light” was gone. It scared the daylights out of me. Never had I sensed death at my door but at that moment, I did. It was breathing down my neck. I went back to the bed and I began to pray the prayer I had been given by the Holy Ghost during the first Cat Scan: "The Lord is MY Shepherd; I have been healed by HIS Stripes in Jesus name!"

Sleep was not easy that night but the next morning I got up and it took 3 hours but I washed and took care of myself that day. I began reading THE WORD OF GOD in those Scriptures the pastor sent over myself and worshipping while I did. In 2 days the light came back into my eyes and I requested permission to leave the room to walk. They sent a nurse to walk with me up and down the halls. Before, I couldn’t even get out of bed and anyone in my room had to wear a mask because my immune system was so far gone. I prayed and I asked God for healing. I began to think about the beating (the stripes) Jesus had incurred for us. One day as I spoke the Word over myself out loud I envisioned Jesus actually taking those strips and burst into tears. He hung, bled and died on Calvary’s cross for me. He said, "It is finished!" VICTORY was already mine! I told God I didn’t need lightning bolts or the spectacular but I asked God for evidence of my healing please.

Three weeks later I was home and each day going forward, during Chemo, no matter what, except when I was just too sick, I would go downstairs and lay in the lounge chair in the living room where I prayed when my Husband left for work daily. First, I had my normal devotion time, then I prayed the WORD of God over myself for 3-5 hours daily. It was during that time in my life I learned more to pray the WORD over everything all the time, not just sickness. 


During prayer one day as I wept, my eyes were closed and suddenly I was there in the crowd somewhere in the front. 

I saw Jesus receiving the Stripes and the BLOOD of Jesus splashed onto my face. I cried like never before in my life...somehow, someway, I've never looked at that particular Scripture the same as before. It was personal forever.


I spoke the Scriptures out loud over myself 3-4 hours a day 5 days a week. In the 7th month! HEY the number for completeness I got a note in the email from my healthcare hospital from the recent Cat Scan and it read:

"There is NO EVIDENCE of cancer in her."

I pray that this testimony blesses you and gives you hope, faith, courage and helps you to believe that what God says, He will do!

Rev. Evia Goines, our mentor, always taught us to look for what God was teaching in the process of the pain. That came back to me during my turn in pain. For all that I learned about me and my relationship with God and the entire movie of my life that HE showed me during the time HE allowed me to be laid down...I PRAISE HIM, I THANK HIM...HE SHOWED ME GREAT AND WONDROUS THINGS that I would never give up now. Truly I am a new creature in Christ. I know for a fact that this body does not belong to me...I am HIS.

Last, yes, I do know that God has His sovereign will in each person’s life. I believe as the Scriptures you will see what the Word says about God's will and healing. Then you tell me what you got from His Word. I handle these Scriptures same as I handle my Bible. They mean that much to me! The Website to get all the Scriptures from is:

God bless your every move and your thoughts. God bless you and your family...may you ever glorify HIM! I personally pray right now for your healing from God in Jesus name.

Mark 9:23 says, “Jesus said to him, if you can believe, all things are possible to him that believes.” Verse 24 says, “Immediately the boy’s father exclaimed, “Lord I believe; help me overcome my unbelief!” (Emphasis mine) I was honest in times of doubt yet God grew my faith even when people called and they heard I was dying and they were sorry to hear that (yes, they actually did) I took it to the Lord. Satan will use anything to get us to not listen to God and HIS Word. Don't listen to the wolf tickets!

Romans 10:17King James Version (KJV)

“So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.”

Testimony of Rev. Dianne Matthews by God’s Grace

This is my journey with breast cancer.

I was 39 years old in February 1990 when I went for my routine doctors appointment and afterwards given a Rx to take a routine mammogram.

I never took the RX, I told myself I would take it later. Later turned out to be nine months later.

October of that same year I found a lump in my breast. I went to my doctor and he had me take a mammogram.

The results came back negative even though I felt the lump.

So my doctor sent me for a biopsy that same month, and the biopsy results came back breast cancer. I asked the doctor why did the mammogram come back clear? He informed me that I fell within the 1/3 of the breast cancer's that are missed on mammograms and that's why mammograms and breast exams are done together. In addition he said that younger women have denser breasts and light from the x-rays are harder shine through.

I was 39 years old married with two children and faced with breast cancer.

From there I went to get a second opinion so I went to UCSF because in the beginning of this same year my mother-in-law had some breast issues and she suggested I see her doctor.

I called and made the appointment and the doctor told me to bring with me my tissue sample from the other hospital and their pathology report.

Dr. Goodson was his name and he informed me that the cancer was at that edge and had began invasion, he made his recommendations and stated that he was a breast surgeon that rendered his opinion only when there are varying opinions between doctors as to treatment.

He advise me as to what he would do and asked that I return to the doctor that did the biopsy.

I decided I would do that at a later date. About two weeks having passed and my mother-in-law called me and said that her doctor (Dr. Goodson) called her and asked that she would have me to give him a call. I said OK I would call him but I forgot to call. Then around a week later on a Friday evening around 7pm,

I get a phone call from Dr. Goodson the breast surgeon stating that he had a cancellation for surgery and that he could schedule me in for surgery at UCSF.

And on Nov 15, 1990 ~ at (40 years old) I had breast surgery.

The results came back 'in situ' which meant the cancer was still in place, it was an extensive cancer however because of God's mercy it remained within the ducts.

Not only that but my cancer was ER negative meaning it grew without the need of estrogen like most breast cancer's, this cancer was self sustaining. However the results also stated that I had no lymph node involvement, I had required no radiation or chemotherapy treatments after surgery.

It has been been 25 years ago since I had breast cancer.

Oh, by the way the breast surgeon that God used to search me out and call me, was listed in the magazine titled 'The Best Doctor's in America' and the magazine titled 'Who's Who in American Science and Engineering'.

Him being also listed as one of "America's 184 Top Breast Care Doctors."

This is my story, it's taken from the scripture,

'Mark 2:1-5'

'Jesus Heals a Paralytic'~

It was God's grace and mercy extended to me, one who by the way was out of fellowship at the time and not walking with God or in fellowship with fellow believers, me being (paralyzed in the world).

Jesus met me where I was most needy.

My greatest need was NOT to be healed from my breast cancer, my greatest need was to be forgiven for my past actions and me living in sin.

Jesus said to the paralytic man, son your sins are forgiven~

My point is this:

Jesus for gave him ~ then Jesus healed him.

That's what happened to me.

God's mercy and His love was made manifest for all to see.

To God and Him alone be all the glory! For it's in Him I make my boast.

God's servant in His Kingdom!

Rev. Dianne Matthews,

Yeshua Is Lord ~

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