God's Word Christian Ministries - Our utmost focus is the Salvation of souls.
Founders and God-daughters
Reverend Gloria L. Word, M. Th.
God “Called” Reverend Gloria to preach in 1989. She tested the call for a year before answering the call.
She labored in love with Christ Centered MBC 3 years as Assistant Pastor to the Founders.   In February of 2000 she was “Called” to the Office of Pastor by the Christ Centered Missionary Baptist Church Congregation of Hayward, CA. She served the Congregation for 5 ½ years as their pastor. 
In 2006 she and her husband sensed God's leading to open God's Word Christian Worship Center and in obedience they moved forward. 
November 19, 2006 the doors were opened and they labored in love and grew even through a transition to Tracy, CA until June 2011. During that time Pastor Gloria was healed of 4th stage lymphoma cancer by the power and the Word of God. 
She received her Bachelor's in Theology at Good News Theological Seminary and Bible College, Tracy, CA class of 2013. And a Master’s in 2017. She’s also a graduate of Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary in Mills Valley, CA, Class of '96. Now, she’s working on her doctorate in Theology and has received an Internship as a professor at her Alma Mater, Good News, in Tracy.
The vision that God instilled in these pastors is seeking out the homeless youth to tell them the Good News of Jesus Christ and that God has a plan and an inheritance for their lives. This ministry seeks to “Build God’s Kingdom One Heart at a Time.” 
Rev. Gloria has been the guest speaker at many local churches, church conferences and groups; sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  She has preached on KEST Christian Radio on several occasions and appeared on "For Christ’s Sake" Television Ministry.   
She served 26 years in Prison Ministry at Santa Rita Dublin Prison and continues to serve as Spiritual Advisor to the Cancer Health Support Group at Palma Ceia Baptist Church with the Director, Sister Cindy Epps.
Pastor Word has worked in two separate Church Youth Ministries. One was from the ground up, restructuring the spiritual and biblical needs of the department for the youth. 
She served four years as the Chairperson of the Religious Affairs Committee for the NAACP Southern Alameda County Youth Council with, Sister Mary Sass, Youth Advisor of the Alameda County at that time. This gave her great insight concerning the needs and obstacles of our youth, the needs of our families and the needs of our communities.
Pastor Gloria served as President of the Bay Area's Disciple Singers of Hayward, CA under her mentor, Reverend Evia Goines.
She feels blessed that God allows her to be His child, under-shepherd His congregation, to teach Bible Study, speak at conferences and serve God in whatever capacity HE decides. 
Her favorite question to her Brothers and Sisters in Christ is "whose Bible Study Class are you in?" Her favorite Hymn is "He Looked Beyond My Faults and Saw My Needs" and she calls it her National Anthem.
Reverend James W. Word
God “Called” Revererend James to preach and he answered that call on June 25, 2004.  This Pastor in the making desired only to know in his heart that this was of God and not of himself. 
God began preparing this yielded vessel in the 80’s as he began service to God in the Palma Ceia Baptist Church Mass Choir where he served as Vice President. After two years as Vice President of the Choir he became President for four years. During that stressful time he overcame the loss of their Minister of Music and he rose to the challenge of Leadership. 
Reverend James is known as God’s miracle child for the many obstacles he has overcome with his faith in God through the power of the Holy Spirit. In the 90’s he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. During that time his Pastor, Reverend Charles F. Bennett, asked him to pray about becoming a Deacon. He did not accept this title lightly and did not immediately accept the position because he took the qualifications so seriously. When Pastor Bennett asked him the second time he accepted and served as a Deacon eighteen years, six years as Secretary of the Board.
While a Deacon he was offered the position of Caretaker of the Church and grounds by Pastor Bennett. He accepted and lived on the church campus nine years with his wife. There they taught Bible Study classes and were frequently requested for Christian couseling . He feels that all of this was an act of God to prepare them for the journey to come.
He also served as Teacher of the New Members Class and as the Co-Director for the Palma Ceia Baptist Church Youth Ministries. This gave great insight concerning the needs and obstacles of our youth, the needs of our families and the needs of our communities. Truly the gift of serving in this capacity shines through the gift of his love of the children, youth and young adults too.  He continues to stay in touch with many of “his kids”. He still encourages them as they journey through their college years and into marriage. The youth consider his counsel godly and wise.
Pastor Word has been the guest speaker at local churches and groups; sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 
He has appeared on "For Christ’s Sake" Television Ministry several times.  He was also recognized for outstanding service and technical support to “For Christ Sake” Television Ministry.   
Reverend James also served in the Disciple Singers of Hayward, CA under his mentor, Reverend Evia Goines.  He sang in the Choir and served in the Prison and Radio Ministries. 
Reverend James is retired from the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department. 

He served as Chaplain for the largest VFW post in America, Jimmy Connors Post #6311 from the Spring of 2015 through June 2017.
His favorite song is "Total Praise" by Richard Smallwood.
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